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Spark Plug Removal and Replacement

Spark Plug Removal and Replacement


1: Remove red cover over plugs. 3 x 5mm hex screws, undo each one a few turns at a time, same when replacing.

2: Pop off coil and 12v leads off the 2 coils (just carefully slide off “pop”).

3: Remove 2 x coils, with E10 female torx (when replacing just hand tight and a bit).

4: Pull plug leads off 1 and 3 (pop) straight up carefully (tight).

5: Remove spark plugs with 5/8″ plug socket, keep in order for inspection.

6: Use a rag and push down holes and wind around to remove debris/oil/etc. from around plug seats (check with a flashlight when finished).

7: Put anti-seize grease on the threads of new plugs. Not too much, just sparingly.

8: Replace plugs in reverse order. Hand tighten then use tools to wind up “gently” until they stop, then 1/8th turn which should feel tight.

9: Clean leads and coils. Do not bend leads. Spray with silicone to clean and protect.

10: Replace coils, then start engine to ensure everything works properly.

11: Replace red cover and clean up.

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One Response to “Spark Plug Removal and Replacement”

  1. Jacko says:

    Very good article but I would like to see what sparkplugs to use in the SLK.
    Tried different searches but did not find an answer.
    For my 2000 SLK I found Bosch FR7KTC and
    Bosch F7KTCR but nobody can explain waht the difference


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