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Engine Oil and Filter Change

Engine Oil and Filter Change


1. Loosen filler and filter caps.
2. Put in oil collection device and pump (20 pumps on mine)
3. Few more pumps and wiggle end to ensure all oil out and lift out and up so tube drains.
4. Remove filter and cap as one unit.
5. Clip new filter into cap.
6. Replace O ring if required
7. Replace filter assembly. Tighten just enough so it cannot become loose.
8. Fill with new oil (put 5 litres in 1st). Quicker to put in thru filler cap in rocker cover than through filter housing.
9. Replace filler cap.
10.Start engine, run for 10 secs then stop.
11. Check level then fill with approx 1 litre until up to 1/2 to full on dip stick after 1 min or so.
12. Recheck for tools etc, leaks, mess and close hood.
13. Recheck next morning if you want.

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  1. Chuck Stogner says:

    I am a new 2003 v-6 SLK owner, so pardon my ignorance on this.
    Would not the draining of the oil from the oil pan through the plug be a more complete process to get rid of any metal filings and debris. I know that requires elevating the vehicle and removing the cover under the engine.


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