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Model Fuels, lubricants, coolants, etc.
Engine with oil filter SLK 230 [6.1 US quarts]
SLK 320 [8.5 US quarts]
SLK32AMG [8.5 US quarts]
Recommended engine oils
Automatic transmission 8.5 US quarts Automatic transmission fluid
Manual transmission SLK 230 [1.6 US quarts]
SLK 320 [1.9 US quarts]
Transmission oil
Rear axle 1.4 US quarts Hypoid gear oil SAE 90, 85W90
Power steering 1.1 US quarts MB Power steering fluid
Front wheel hubs 1.5 ounces each High temperature roller bearing grease
Brake system 0.5 US quart MB Brake fluid [DOT 4]
Cooling system SLK 230 [9.8 US quarts]
SLK 320 [11.8 US quarts]
SLK32AMG [15.3 US quarts]
MB Anticorrosion/antifreeze
Windshield/Headlamp washer system 7.4 US quarts MB Windshield washer concentrate “S”
Fuel tank including
a reserve of
15.8 US gallons
2.1 US gallons
Premium unleaded gasoline: Posted Octane 91 [Avg. of 96 RON/86 MON]


4 Responses to “Capacities”

  1. I hoe this reaches someone who can assist me……..MY slk320 2001 roof cylinder hydrilc pump tank has run empty. how do i go about refilling the tank. the tank in the trunk space seems easy to reach but i do not know how to refill the fluid and which fluid i need?
    please respond, 21 jan 2016

  2. Chuck Stogner says:

    The above information on the SLK 320 is incorrect, in that it has a capacity of 8.5 qts of oil like the 32AMG (per my owners manual pg 252).

    • admin says:

      It’s been updated. That info came from my SLK230 owner’s manual. I confirmed online yours is correct. Thanks!

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