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Brake Fluid Change

Brake Fluid Change

Step 3: Fill to the max with new fluid.

Step 4: Jack up the car and remove tire. I started from the farthest to the closest tire from the master cylinder.

Step 6: With the appropriate size wrench, loosen the bleeder until brake fluid starts to leak (a couple of turns).

Repeat until new fluid comes out. I couldn’t tell with mine so we just pumped the brakes 10-20 times for the rear brakes (less for the front) just to be sure. Make sure to check the master cylinder often to make sure you have enough fluid (we checked and filled up every 10 pumps).

Step 8: Re-tighten the bleeder and wipe any brake fluid excess.

Step 9: Cover the bleeder with the rubber cap.

Step 10: Put the tire back on.

4 Responses to “Brake Fluid Change”

  1. Jayson says:

    I have a quick question – do you need to keep the master cylinder closed when pumping the old brake fluid out? First, you take the old fluid out, then you put new one, close the cap, then pump one wheel 10-20 times, then open the cap and refill, right?

  2. Chuck Stogner says:

    What happened to steps 1, 2 & 5?

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